Handling remote notifications in iOS 8

Apple has changed the way notifications are handled in iOS 8 from that in iOS 7.  Now an app can receive silent remote notifications without event asking for permission from user.In iOS 7, we were using the method:- (void)registerForRemoteNotificationsTypes:But this method has now been deprecated and new method has been... [Read More]

Method Without NAME in iOS

This might look weird to you but yes, it is possible to declare methods in iOS which do have names. We can declare a method in objective-c which can have only parameters and no name as such.Let us get to the point and take an example:Consider the following method:- (NSString... [Read More]

Auto-complete Git Commands and Branch Names in Terminal

When in a repository directory, use tab(Tab key on keyboard) to automatically complete Git commands and branches like normal bash commands.How to get this working:First you need to get  git-completion.bash  script (see it here) and put it in your home directory:curl -L https://raw.github.com/uditiiita/Git-Scripts/master/git-completion.bash -o ~/.git-completion.bashOpen the Terminal and if the file ~/.bash_profile does not... [Read More]