First of all, I should tell you that this is not the first time I am facing issues with MobiKwik. Mobikwik has always provided pathetic support. Seems like, they have forgotten meaning of word "automatic" because they never automatically add any cashback. You have to literally fight with their customer support to get it.

Their customer support is also of another level. They are like dumbest people I have talked to. They will repeat again and again same thing irrespective of what you ask or say.

So it began with me looking for some offer while ordering food from TinyOwl few days back. I came across this offer of MobiKwik( But I never knew that I am going to deal with thugs.

I zeroed in on the food item I wanted to order and then paid for it through MobiKwik. TinyOwl is famous for not providing the ordered food. After ordering, they always call users and tell them that the ordered dish is not available, so you have to resort on some replacement or cancel the unavailable dish. Since I did not like the replacement, so I asked for cancellation of item which was not available.

So original order of Rs. 200 reduced to Rs. 100 and they refunded Rs. 100 back to my MobiKwik wallet but real scam starts when you hope for getting the SO CALLED CASHBACK.  But I did not know that I am dealing with THUGS here.

Following are the two transactions(One in which I paid 200 to TinyOwl and other one in which 100 got refunded.)

They never credited any cashback in my wallet. So I created Support Ticket for this whose history is this:
Their customer support is so pathetic that you will never get any response on Ticket unless you post it on their Facebook/Twitter page (I created a post for this way back but I don't think they care to provide good service to their users and that's why they are still at the same page. Click here to check that post).
So I waited for days(Check above screenshot that last I messaged was on 28th November.) but no reply on my ticket. I went on their Facebook page and asked to resolve my ticket in comments:

As you can see above, they clearly replied that I did not get cashback because my transaction was cancelled. But my transaction history clearly shows that it was never cancelled. I told them that it was never cancelled. I told that my transaction was partially refunded.

After a lot of debate, they said that they do not offer cashback even for partially refunded transaction.
This was insane as their Terms and Conditions clearly shows that:

Partial refunds (order amount changes) will be handled by MobiKwik and cashback reversal will not be of the full amount of cashback processed
This clearly states that full cashback will not be reversed and cashback corresponding to only partial refund will be reversed. But this thing was too difficult for the support guy to understand and he continued argueing.

I pointed the support guy to the Terms of the offer and instantly got a rude reply:
You are not eligible for cash back. Thanks
Why do you guys run any such offer if you cannot oblige them. Its not about the cash back that you give, its about the trust that your product/service builds with the customer. I am sorry to say but MobiKwik has failed to build any trust. I don't think they even care about the trust. But if you don't stop these pathetic issues, then we will soon see the end of this wallet.

I would request people to stop using such a bad service. They always try to fool their customers. Stay away from MobiKwik as much as you can.

Their support people never know anything about their product. I just can't imagine how do they manage to run this worst service. Hats off to MobiKwik. It really needs courage to run such a frustrating service.