Core belief:

You should always have the complete information about the product/service you are selling. You should be self motivated that your product/service is great. Every single detail of the product should be known to you. You must know each service description in detail.

Sell stories or pain points:

We should never sell features. People do not buy our product because we are selling tons of features. They buy our product because our product solves problem of their lives. So we should always try to relate our product with the problems they must be facing in their life. Try to live your customers life and identify all the pain points they go through in their daily life. If you can solve even 1% of their problems, then they will definitely buy your product.

      Pitch 1-2 big ideas and not 20-30 small ones:

      Always aim for that one big idea which is most relevant to your customer's life. If you could just solve even one big problem of them, then they will definitely take your product.

        Given them a loftier purpose:

          Whenever you are selling something, always give your customers a big reason or purpose because of which they should buy it. Customers will buy your product only if they see a long term value proposition in it. So try to help them see a good reason to buy your product.

            Be different, stand out:

            Whenever you try to showcase your product on a stall, in an exhibition, always try to stand out from others. Try to use some props, some attractions to become different from others. This will make people come to your stall. By this, you will get an opportunity to sell your product to someone who otherwise would not have come to your stall to even see what your product is.

              Be embarrassingly aggressive:

              Don't leave anyone out at anytime.  Always try to engage with everyone out there. Don't think like this person is not a potential customer. Everyone can be your customer and thus you should not ignore even a single person.

                Don't delay to 2 seconds what can be done in 1 second:

                  Be fast and responsive. Everyone like to get fast service. So, when people see your fast and quick response, you will build a trustworthy relationship for long term.

                    Say it like it is:

                      Honesty is the best policy. Don't ever exaggerate the product you are selling. Only sell what is present in the product. If you do not have 'X' feature which customer is enquiring about, honestly tell them that it is currently not in your product but it may come in future. If you try to sell product by lying them about features, sooner or later people will realize that you tried to fool them and you will loose all the trust from that moment.

                        Always follow up:

                          When you sell a product to someone today, then always try to follow up after some days. People forget about promises or decisions they made few days back. So by following up, you will help them recall it. Also, by doing so, you are giving a message to your customer that you are serious about your product and its users. You are not the one who sells product today and disappear tomorrow.

                            Good sales person:

                            Three most refreshing and impressive attributes in a sales person:
                            1. Speed
                            2. Responsiveness
                            3. Honesty