Apache Not Running Correctly After Mac OSX Maverick Upgrade

Today I upgraded my macbook by doing so much effort (thanks to apple for making me download new 5.6 GB sized OS several times) to OS X Mavericks and after updating, what I found was my local dev environment was broken. Apache had stopped working. I tried to find issues with... [Read More]

Putting shadow around UILabel in iOS 7

Here, we will add blue shadow to a UILabel:    UILabel *myLabel = [[UILabel alloc] init];    UIColor *color = [UIColor blueColor];    myLabel.layer.shadowColor = [color CGColor];    myLabel.layer.shadowRadius = 5.0f;    myLabel.layer.shadowOpacity = 1;    myLabel.layer.shadowOffset = CGSizeZero;    myLabel.layer.masksToBounds = NO; [Read More]