Best Sales Practices Worth Sharing with Your Team

Core belief:You should always have the complete information about the product/service you are selling. You should be self motivated that your product/service is great. Every single detail of the product should be known to you. You must know each service description in detail.Sell stories or pain points:We should never sell... [Read More]

This is why Mobikwik should never be trusted at any chance.

First of all, I should tell you that this is not the first time I am facing issues with MobiKwik. Mobikwik has always provided pathetic support. Seems like, they have forgotten meaning of word "automatic" because they never automatically add any cashback. You have to literally fight with their customer... [Read More]

This is how E-Commerce websites like are fooling buyers and leading the way of "End of online shopping"

Few years back, when online shopping started, most of us hesitates to buy products online. We all had concerns like:* The quality of the product being sold there.* Is the product genuine/original?* Is our money safe with them?* Will they ever deliver the product?* When will we get the product?As... [Read More]